Mariaisabel Zweig

Mariaisabel Zweig :

Mariaisabel Zweig is a doctoral student of Clinical Psychology interning at the Center for Growth Inc / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia. She offers clients low fee services.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn College. Mariaisabel gained experience in group facilitation and counseling as a volunteer in Brooklyn, NY for Heights Hill Mental Health Outpatient Clinic and Rainbow Heights Club, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ adults requiring mental health services.

Mariaisabel provides therapy for adults, couples, and teens to address a wide range of issues including grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, sexuality, LGBTQ specific issues, and more. She is also interested in helping individuals with body image issues and eating disorders.

Reaching out for guidance and support is a reflection of significant bravery and strength. She looks forward to helping you explore yourself and work through whatever challenges you may be facing.