Nitasha Strait, M.Ed., MA, MFT

Nitasha Strait, M.Ed., MA, MFT :

Nitasha Strait, M.Ed., MA, MFT provides individual, couples, and sex therapy. She specializes with issues such as sexual function/dysfunction, relational issues, anxiety, depression, and major life adjustments. She has an eclectic style of therapy pulling from attachment, experiential, strength-based, and cognitive-behavioral theories. In addition to talk therapy, Nitasha also utilizes the environment in in which her clilents live by recommending events in the greater Philadelphia area that could be helpful to the work they are doing in therapy. Nitasha helps her clients navigate their emotional and behavioral experiences in order to make healthy and positive choices in their life, resulting in increased purpose and meaning.

Nitasha received her MA degree from La Salle University in Clinical-Counseling Psychology specializing in Couples and Family Therapy and is now working to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She received her M.Ed. in Human Sexuality from Widener University and has continued on as a Ph.D. candidate. Nitasha’s dissertation work is looking at diabetic patients’ level of comfort in talking about sexuality with their healthcare provider. Nitasha is currently a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists, and American Psychology Association.

Nitasha has been with the Center For Growth since 2013. She also holds an adjunct professor position at Temple University within the Psychology department. There she teaches human sexuality and introduction to psychology courses. Nitasha previously worked in community-based behavioral health agencies throughout the Philadelphia area doing both in-home and outpatient therapy. She has hosted an interprofessional meeting of physical therapy, nursing, sex educators/therapy, and social work students. Expanding Nitasha’s depth of knowledge, she took an opportunity to study briefly in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam, as well as the Gender Clinic at Vrije Universiteit.



06/17                  Doctor of Philosophy, Human Sexuality
(Expected)          Widener University, Chester, PA

05/14                   Master of Education, Human Sexuality
                            Widener University, Chester, PA

05/12                   Master of Art, Clinical-Counseling Psychology
                            Specializing: Marriage and Family Therapy 
                            La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA

05/09                   Bachelor of Science, Psychology
                            Concentration: Neuroscience                      
                            The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
                            Honors: Dean’s List, Lambda Sigma Honor Society



01/16- Present    Adjunct Professor
                            Psychology Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
                            PSY 0818- Human Sexuality
                            PSY 1001- Introduction to Psychology

06/14-Present     Individual, Couples, Family, and Sex Therapist
                            The Center for Growth, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Provide counseling in a group-practice setting to adult individuals and couples suffering from mood, anxiety, and personality disorders paired with sexual issues; operate using cognitive-behavioral and attachment based techniques; complete appropriate paperwork for the upkeep of client files; responsible for writing Self-Help Tips on a variety of topics posted to the Center For Growth, Inc.’s website; accountable for monthly meetings

07/14-10/15         Counselor III
                             Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Provide individual, couple, and family therapy in a community based setting for mental and behavioral health, as well as drug and alcohol treatment; administer both clinical and psychoeducation based groups such as, but not limited to, the topics of depression, sexual health, women’s issues, and grief and loss groups; utilize eclectic therapeutic techniques based on multiple evidence-based theories; comply with documentation according to company policy; partake in interagency communication to provide comprehensive treatment to client

01/13-6/13          Marriage and Family Therapist
                            MedNet Healthcare Systems, Philadelphia, PA

Issued intensive individual, couple, and family therapy in an outpatient setting to alleviate concerns with mental health, behavioral health, trauma, substance abuse, and family dynamics using cognitive-behavioral, systemic based techniques; developed and implemented treatment plans with individual and family system specific goals, crisis & de-escalation strategies; documented client’s progress through treatment plan updates and session progress notes; engaged in interdepartmental and interagency collaboration to provide comprehensive case management and crisis intervention services to clients; received bi-weekly group supervision

06/12-02/13        Marriage and Family Therapist
                            Family Therapy Treatment Program, PHMC, Philadelphia, PA

Offered in-home and outpatient therapy to individuals, couples, and families suffering from mental health, behavioral health, trauma, substance abuse, and family dynamic issues; utilized cognitive-behavioral techniques throughout treatment; evaluated and assessed the needs of assigned clients in order to complete and implement treatment plan; completed clinical and administrative documentation as required by agency; used interagency case coordination in order to provide comprehensive services to clients; received weekly individual supervision

07/10-01/11         Executive Assistant
                             Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, Jenkintown, PA

Completed client intake via telephone, assessing therapeutically for presenting problem in order to appropriately refer to clinical members for treatment; responsible for organizing and operating Continuing Education workshops sponsored by Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists on a weekly basis; recorded and organized member information, in coming money, and client referrals



06/13-06/14         The Center for Growth, Inc. 
                             Philadelphia, PA

Doctoral level clinical internship in individual, couple, and sex therapy with Individual and group supervision and video tape review; weekly Self-Help tips posted to website

05/11-05/12         The Northeast Treatment Center
                             Philadelphia, PA

Master level clinical internship in team oriented family-based therapy with video supervision and reflective teams



04/15                    American Society of Addictive Medicine: Adolescent
                             Philadelphia, PA

04/15                   Cheating, Fighting, Selfishness and Anger: What Every Clinician Needs to Know for Working with Couples
                            Presenter: Jonathon Swinton, PhD, LMFT
                            Cherry Hill, NJ

01/15                  Trauma and Attachment: Effective Treatment Interventions
                           Presenters: Terry Levy, PhD, DAPA, BCFE & Michael Orlans, MA, DAPA, BCFE
                           Cherry Hill, NJ

12/14                  Youth Mental Health First Aid
                           Norristown, PA

11/14                  Impact of Sex Addiction on Family System
                           Presenter: Stefanie Carnes, PhD

10/14                  Trauma Theory 101: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Impact of Trauma.
                           Presenter: Sandra Bloom, MD
                           Philadelphia, PA

08/12-05/14*       AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
                            American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors Therapists
                            Widener University, Chester, PA

01/14-05/14         Protecting Human Research Participants
                            National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research
                            Widener University, Chester, PA

01/12-04/12         Enhanced Placement Seminar Program
                            Philadelphia Connections
                            Philadelphia, PA

01/10-05/10         Current Trends in Family Intervention
                            Connecticut Workforce Collaborative On Behavioral Health
                            Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

*Pending licensure for Marriage and Family Therapy



10/15                   Temple University, Philadelphia PA
                            Guest Speaker, Undergraduate level- Human Sexuality

Presented with a group of colleagues on Sex Therapy. Discussed topics: What Is Sex Therapy, What Is Sex Therapy Not, What It’s Like To Be A Sex Therapist, and How To Become A Sex Therapist. Fielded questions from students. Gave basic information for PLISSIT model.

Invited by: Martha McGee, Ed.D.

09/15                   Temple University, Philadelphia PA
                            Guest Lecturer, Undergraduate level – Human Sexuality

Developed lesson plan surrounding two topics for two separate guest lectures: Contraception: Planning and Prevention and Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases. Lead discussion through group activity and PowerPoint lecture. Lead a student driven dialogue of topics, providing information through questions asked, as well as lecturer driven information.

Invited by: La-Rhonda M. Harmon, M.Ed., MS, Ed.S

10/14                   Widener University, Chester, PA
                            Faculty Moderator, Student Interprofessional Education Day

Promoted small and large group discussions between an interprofessional team including Social Work, Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Human Sexuality students; ensured discourse stayed within the theme of the forum; kept order of the discussion through structured questioning and directions; kept track of the time; evaluated usefulness of the activity as a whole

Invited by: Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, PhD, LCSW, CST

06/14                   LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA  
                            Guest Lecturer, Masters Level - Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Developed a comprehensive lesson plan in order to teach on cultural sensitivity using the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity by Milton J. Bennett, M.D.; lead class discussion utilizing PowerPoint, documentary, and class activity; responded to student driven questions reflecting on the education piece, as well as the therapeutic piece; reported to course instructor a summary of the class discussion and possible future issues and discussions to have with class

Course Instructor: Erika Evans-Weaver, Ph.D., LMFT

02/14                   PHL17

                            Expert Opinion- “Homosexual Hardships During the St. Valentine’s Holiday”
                            Philadelphia, PA



8/13-Present        Alumni Mentoring Program                           
                             Volunteer Mentor
                             Department of Human Development and Family Studies
                             The Pennsylvania State University
                             Philadelphia, PA

09/05-05/06         The Ophelia Project
                             Volunteer Mentor
                             Erie, PA



06/13-Present      American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
                             Therapist Membership

02/14-Present      American Psychological Association (APA)
                             Student Membership

02/10-Present      American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors Therapists (AASECT)
                             Student Membership



2015                    Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)
                            Philadelphia PA

2010                    Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR)
                            Boston, MA

2010                    American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors Therapists (ASSECT)
                            Pittsburgh, PA