Addictions Counseling in Philadelphia: Maybe you've heard the term "addict" before and dismissed it, even though you feel as though you can no longer control your thoughts, feelings or behaviors around a particular topic and struggle with an Eating Disorder such as Anorexia , Bulimia or Over Eating or you have a Gambling Addiction , Drug Addiction, or Pornography Addiction , or Sex Addiction or even a Shopping Addiction. Or perhaps you have stopped denying that you are struggling and need help. Sometimes reading online self-help articles are enough to Cure . Sometimes even with the best of intentions the thoughts, feelings and behaviors get worse and /or morph into different addictions or dependencies. Your history with addictions may be connected to a Family History, or you struggle with Codependency and find yourself in relationships to individuals who are suffering from an addiction. Or, you may simply be interested in learning how to help a loved one recognize their addiction, and ways they can begin to Cope. No matter what your concern, you're in the right location and already taking the beginning steps to making a difference in your life, the life of a loved one, and ultimately all parties involved. Self-help tips are available on many of these topics, and many more. If you wish to speak with a Counselor about receiving Addictions Counseling in Philadelphia, help is available 267-324-9564.

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Blaming and Codependency

Learn how to effectively communicate to your partner, friends, or family, without the use of blame or attacking messages. These steps will help you be heard, rather than lead you to arguing about the insignificant details.

Body Image Basics

Can you imagine how many industries would go out of business if women stopped hating their bodies?