Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and Panic Counseling in Philadelphia: Lately you've been feeling anxious, had a Panic Attack , struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). experience Social Anxiety Phobias or Stress which all negatively impact your quality of life. To learn how to manage your Anxiety and Panic before it manages you we have created self-help articles to help. Need a counselor? Call 267-324-9564 Center for Growth / Anxiety and Panic Therapy in Philadelphia.

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5 Ways to Fix Communication With Your Partner Today

Communication with your partner can be a struggle at any stage in your relationship. The following 5 steps provide you with an overview of effective strategies to improve your communication with you partner now.

A Gratitude Tree

A gratitude tree is a self help anxiety reduction exercise designed to teach people the art of positive thinking.

Accepting Happiness

An exercise to help millenials, twenty-thirty somethings, find new ways accept happiness and other positive feelings

ACT Therapy: Accepting and Being Mindful

 Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is about acknowledging our emotions from a non-judgmental standpoint, which equips the person to better handle uncomfortable emotional states.  Here is an exercise that helps facilitate that.

Ambivalent Attachment

Learning to be more secure within your relationship takes learning how to voice your needs and acknowledge when they are being met. This tip helps you become more secure by walking you through the steps to learning better communication skills and how to sit with your anxiety until you can acknowledge the positives in your relationship. 


A brief description of anxiety.


Have you ever wondered why some people have such a difficult time sustaining close, personal relationships while others seem to do so with relative ease?  How we manage the balance between closeness and distance with the important people in our lives correlates to our foundational sense of security and attachment.  

Beating Low Self-Esteem

Are you dealing with self-doubt, self-criticism, or low self-esteem? Read on to learn some tips for overcoming low self-esteem and defeating negative self-talk.