Employment related issues: finding a job, switching careers, work related anxiety & depression, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual addiction in the workplace and taking care of self. Work is an enormous part of your life. Living a balanced life includes finding meaning in the work that one does.

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Exploring Your Communication Style

Gain a deeper understanding of which communication style you are- assertive, aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive- and how you can make each style work for you. 

Job Finding

Tips to Help Make the Transition from a Job to a Career

Learning How To Learn

Get the most out of your learning experience by knowing how you learn and other basics to the learning process.



Quick Boundary Tips

Short statements you can practice to use in the moment to set boundaries.

Space for Emotional Availability

Navigating how much emotional availability you give to yourself and the others around you can be difficult. This tip will help you to recognize your own capacity for yourself and others. 

The Stages of Cultural Sensitivity

Learn about where you are in your own stages of cultural sensitivity, and feel more confident in approaching people of a different backgrounds than yourself.