Pregnancy and Parenting

Although many books have been published on parenting, there is no essential guideline, no bible on this joyful, yet difficult, title. Raising a child elicits a struggle for a parent, as no child responds well to all styles of parenting. Our goal is to provide you with a basic outline: how to set limits, teach responsibility, parent a child with special needs, and establish an important emotional connection with your child. Additionally, we have dedicated a whole section on taking time for yourself and continuing to cultivate your marriage.

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Have you ever wondered why some people have such a difficult time sustaining close, personal relationships while others seem to do so with relative ease?  How we manage the balance between closeness and distance with the important people in our lives correlates to our foundational sense of security and attachment.  

Attachment Theory

This tip looks at different attachment styles adults may have developed through childhood with their parents. Attachment theory works to explain different behaviors portrayed in our adult relationships. 

Coping with a Miscarriage

Coping with a miscarriage is more common and difficult to emotionally cope with than most people realize.  

Corporal Punishment in African American Families

“Spare the rod, spoil the child”.  If you are familiar with this saying, you are very familiar with the idea of corporal punishment. In some African American households, corporal punishment is used as a way to maintain tradition, order, power of authority and respect. 

How Successful Couples Survive Raising Children

The transition-to-parenthood is a stressful phase in a couple's life, however, research has identified several protective factors that influence marital satisfaction. This article explores those predictive factors that help couples remain happy in their romantic relationship after the introduction of children in the family system.

How Will Your Baby Impact Your New Marriage

How Will Your New Baby Impact Your Marriage? For many couples, the addition of a new baby into the family is an exciting, joyous, and uncertain time. Whether the couple is dealing with the physiological repercussions of giving birth or the psychological challenges associated with fostering or adopting a child, the period immediately after bringing the newest family member home is a huge adjustment.

Infertility: Asking For Your Needs

Are you sick and tired of your family asking, “When are you going to have a baby?” They are completely oblivious to the months your have been trying to get pregnant. They have no idea that you and your husband have already been to three appointments with a fertility doctor. They have no idea you were diagnosed with infertility. Are you ready to share with them?  Or maybe you are considering sharing simply because you do not want to have the same conversation, and every time they ask this seemingly innocent question, you feel dead inside. It is easy to get angry and upset with them, but the reality is they simply don’t know. 

Wondering about how to share with them?  There are things you can do to help talk with them about your journey.

Infertility: It is Okay to Decline a Friend’s Baby Shower

Another baby shower invite and you panic. Why does attending a baby shower always make you feel so bad about your own infertility? How can being happy for your friend’s pregnancy be so easy for everyone else? You remember when you had so much fun getting together with your friends and planning for parenthood, but now celebrating your friends’ successes at motherhood brings such painful memories.  All you want to do is decline these types of get-togethers.

So what do you do about the invite to celebrate a friend’s baby shower?  You are required to go right? You can’t decline, or could you? Deciding on how to navigate social situations, especially situations that revolve around pregnancies and children, can be difficult. You want to be a good friend but at the same time, it is most important to look out for yourself. Here are some ideas on how to navigate this confusing journey.

Infertility: Your Husband As Your Support System

Are you and your husband experiencing infertility? The diagnosis of infertility can be painful and traumatic.  You may be experiencing emotions that may include sadness, grief, loss, anger, guilt, and loneliness. Infertility may have caught you and your husband off-guard, making you feel ill prepared to face this journey together as a couple. You need support and you need it now. How else are you going to survive?

You may wonder how you start to prepare your relationship for the journey of infertility? There are some things that you want to beware of as you and your husband face infertility head on. The most important thing to remember is that your husband is YOUR built in support network. An effective support network needs to have a strong foundation. In this tip you will find some suggestions to help you and your husband build a strong foundation that will help to protect you against your infertility diagnosis.