Relationship and Marital Problems

Marriage Counseling and Relationship Counseling in Center City Philadelphia : Perhaps you've experienced a divorce, or have simply been single for a while and are hoping to enter a new relationship. Maybe you're not sure if the one you have now is worth saving, as the passion may have waned and you've begun fighting with your partner. This section is designed to help you answer all those questions and to develop the skills needed to work through common relationship problems.

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5 Ways to Fix Communication With Your Partner Today

Communication with your partner can be a struggle at any stage in your relationship. The following 5 steps provide you with an overview of effective strategies to improve your communication with you partner now.

African American Women and Interracial Dating

Are you an African American woman who has dated outside her race?  You may have had many responses, reactions, ambivalences and other experiences that were both positive and negative.  This tip helps you decipher your thoughts about this hot topic.

All Kinds of Grief

This article explores the varied types of grief: death of a loved one, losing a job, divorce, children growing up, and bankruptcy. Additionally, some ideas on how to cope are suggested.

Ambivalent Attachment

Learning to be more secure within your relationship takes learning how to voice your needs and acknowledge when they are being met. This tip helps you become more secure by walking you through the steps to learning better communication skills and how to sit with your anxiety until you can acknowledge the positives in your relationship. 

An Insecure Partner

Has there been problems in your relationship lately? Maybe your partner has been too needy or too distant. This article will go in-depth to understand an insecure partner.

Ashley Madison

            With the recent Ashley Madison email leak, individuals are flocking to websites to check and see if their partner has signed up with the site. If you have been having a sneaking suspicious that your partner has been cheating and have checked the website then this tip is for you. In the worst-case scenario, your partner’s e-mail address and name show up on one of the list searches. The initial and understandable reaction is most likely, fear, sadness, anger, betrayal, and confusion, amongst a variety of others. So how does one go about confirming that their partner indeed cheated or if they merely signed up out of curiosity? 


Have you ever wondered why some people have such a difficult time sustaining close, personal relationships while others seem to do so with relative ease?  How we manage the balance between closeness and distance with the important people in our lives correlates to our foundational sense of security and attachment.  

Attachment Theory

This tip looks at different attachment styles adults may have developed through childhood with their parents. Attachment theory works to explain different behaviors portrayed in our adult relationships. 

Befriending your Ex: When is This Okay?

Are you ready to enter into a friendship with an ex? Do you know how to be friends with your ex? Here are a few important areas to considering before agreeing to a friendship.

Being the Perpetrator of Infidelity

What if you were the perpetrator of infidelity and still wanted to make your marriage work?  This can be a scary, unsettling, and confusing time in your life.  After all, we often ignore the reality that affairs happen.  Good people do have momentary lapses in judgements, and sometimes it is the actual affair that allows you to re-commit to the marriage.  Regardless of your reasons for cheating, we have compiled together a list of steps that we highly recommend all “recovering” perpetrators of infidelity follow. 

Blaming and Codependency

Learn how to effectively communicate to your partner, friends, or family, without the use of blame or attacking messages. These steps will help you be heard, rather than lead you to arguing about the insignificant details.