Congratulations. You have just taken the hardest step. You scheduled yourself to meet with a therapist.  From this point on, take a deep breath, and relax. Each of our therapists come prepared with the technical skills to help you work towards your goals.  Your job is to share with us the ‘foggy’ concept of where you want to go and what you hope will happen and our job is to guide you. Your primary responsibility is to show up and be open to new ideas and concepts while we guide you and provide you with feedback.  By the end of your first appointment, “The Intake Session”, you should feel like you have met your long-lost-best-friend-that-you-never-knew-you-had, who asked you insightful questions, picked up on your core essence, and from the start, gave you useful feedback and a direction that made intuitive sense to you.  If at the end of the first session you didn’t feel helped, or you didn’t feel the chemistry because (fill in the blank) or something random like their smile bothered you (in other words you don’t need a good reason to activate our guarantee) then we will apply the fee that you paid to trying out a different therapist.  If the second therapist you chose to try is more expensive, you would simply just pay the fee differential. You are welcome to repeat this process until you find the right therapist. Technically, you would be allowed to try out all 20 of us and only pay the one time fee of the most expensive therapist. If you have a positive intake experience, which most people do, most people you continue to work with that therapist.   To switch therapists you can ask your Intake Therapist who they might recommend, or you can call Alex Robboy (267-324-9564), or Dr Foust (267-262-8515) and share your experience with her. She will be happy to set you up with a different therapist to better meet your needs.