SOCIETY HILL OFFICE:  Dr. Foust, Clinical Director

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Dr. Foust, Clinical Director

Dr. Foust, Ph.D., M.S., LPC, Clinical Director

Dr. Foust has been practicing individual, couples, sex therapy, and family therapy for over sixteen years (resume).  Dr. Foust has developed an expertise in the areas of addictions, anxiety, grief, mood disorders, chronic pain, infidelity, sexual dysfunction, sexuality and relationships concerns.  She works with adolescents and adults.  She utilizes humanistic, cognitive-behavioral and systems perspectives in her work with clients.  Dr. Foust is very collaborative with her clients and believes in assisting clients in meeting goals that allows them to lead their most authentic and fulfilling life possible.

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  Phone: 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 505

Dr. Foust has experience with developing clinical programs as well as effectively supervising therapists. She has worked in a variety of different settings including residential, in-home, intensive outpatient, clinic-based, and private practice which have all influenced her clinical and supervising skills. Dr. Foust has also designed and led therapy groups on various topics. Dr. Foust's expertise has been used in articles, television and radio.

Dr. Foust received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Millersville University in Pennsylvania.  She received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.  She then completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Sexuality from Widener University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Foust is a Certified Sex Therapist through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). She is an active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), AASECT, and The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). 



Angie Dion, MFT, LMFT, Therapist

Angie Dion is a licensed marriage and family therapist in PA. She has extensive experience working with couples. Her focus is helping couples to have stronger and more intimate relationships. Angie also explores and helps couples and individuals navigate how to have healthier sexual relationships with themselves and each other. Angie also has extensive experience working with children, teens and their families utilizing family based therapy.

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            Phone Number:  215-922-LOVE (5683) x 412

            NPI 1548698046
            License MF000716

Angie received her Masters degree from Thomas Jefferson University and did her internship and training at the Council for Relationships and the Institute for Sex Therapy in Philadelphia. Prior to becoming a therapist, Angie worked with runaway and homeless youth in NH.

Angie is a strengths based therapist and will help you to draw out the supports in your life as well as what you do well. Angie believes in a collaborative approach that helps to build a strong therapeutic relationship. She is passionate about helping clients to feel safe so that they can explore all aspects of their lives and improve upon them. Angie's systemic thinking will help you to identify how all the parts of yourself and your life interact and intersect with one another.

Some of Angie's areas of expertise are: couples work, sexual function & dysfunction, sex addiction, anxiety and anger management, grief work and helping people to work through a breakup or divorce. Angie also has experience in treating trauma in children and teens using Trauma Art Narrative Therapy.

Angie is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as well as the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Angie is currently working to become an AAMFT approved supervisor as well as an AASECT certified therapist.

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Samantha Eisenberg, LSW, MSW, MEd, LMT,

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Samantha Eisenberg, LSW, MSW, MEd, LMT,

Samantha Eisenberg, LSW, MSW, MEd, LMT,

Samantha Eisenberg, LSW, MSW, MEd, LMT, does individual, couples, family and group therapy. She works with children and adults. 

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Telephone: (215) 922-LOVE (5683) extension 110
NPI: 1598301822

Samantha uses an integrative, strengths-based, collaborative approach in sessions to help clients identify the issues they find most important to explore, cultivate self-awareness and identify existing positive coping skills and supports, while using several techniques to tackle multiple sides of an issue. Samantha imparts psychodynamic and relational approaches to delve into the psyche and identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients shift the unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that are limiting them from reaching their full potential of happiness and efficacy. Samantha also uses mindfulness methods to facilitate self-reflection, grounding and relaxation and enjoys helping clients explore the spiritual and abstract aspects of life. Additionally, Samantha is creative herself and enjoys having clients use art to explore and express themselves when appropriate. 

Samantha believes that everyone deserves to find joy and fulfillment in their lives and that sometimes the guidance, validation, and support of a professional can help clients actualize their greatest potential. She would be honored to facilitate this for her clients. 

Prior to joining the Center for Growth, Samantha spent the last three years treating adults and children in an agency setting in Philadelphia and has experience working with individuals, couples, and families. She has treated clients with grief, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, addiction, ADHD, PTSD and trauma. Samantha has also greatly enjoyed getting to work with individuals and couples on issues of communication and emotional and physical intimacy. Before studying to do talk therapy, Samantha practiced for four years as a licensed massage therapist where she learned about how the body stores pain, how to release it, and how the emotional and physical body are interconnected. She has used this to help clients with pain conditions implement stretches, self soothe with deep breathing, and gain a greater awareness of how stress and mental health issues impact the body.

Prior to becoming a mental health therapist, Samantha practiced as a licensed massage therapist and produced music.

Samantha Eisenberg, LSW, MSW, MEd, LMT, is a licensed social worker with a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University, and a Bachelors of Psychology at Goucher College. Additionally she is a licensed massage therapist.  

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt ( Curriculum Vitae ) is a university professor, administrator, and private therapist with over a decade’s worth of experience in the field of clinical social work. She received a Master of Social Work, Master of Bioethics, and Doctor of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently the Assistant Director of the Doctor of Social Work at Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. She is fluent in French and proficient in Spanish. 

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NPI: 1003082462

License CW017247

Dr. Goldblatt Hyatt is a commercially and academically published author, and blogs for a variety of websites about reproductive issues, mental health, and coping. Her book for teens, Grieving for the Sibling You Lost: A Teen’s Guide to Coping with Grief and Finding Meaning After Loss (New Harbinger Publications, 2015) is the first self-help book of its kind for adolescents who have experienced the loss of a brother or sister.

Dr. Goldblatt Hyatt’s clinical work centers around the universal human experience of death, dying, and bereavement. She works from a cognitive and narrative perspective, encouraging her clients to tell their stories of loss while also helping them to explore areas where they might benefit from challenging their current perspectives. Using humor, empathy, and non-judgmental approaches, Dr. Goldblatt Hyatt considers all elements of a client’s life experience to create a unique, effective and beneficial treatment plan. Her practice is centered on the assumption that we can create personal meaning from our experiences and move from beyond isolation and fear. She is particularly passionate about creating safe spaces for women who have ended a wanted pregnancy due to fetal anomaly as well as helping individuals coming to therapy with a fear of death.

Please note that at this time, Dr. Goldblatt Hyatt is only accepting new clients who have experienced baby loss. 



Jaclyn Jacobs, MS, CRC, Therapist

Jaclyn Jacobs is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and doctoral student completing a one-year internship at The Center for Growth. She works with individuals and couples of all backgrounds and identities experiencing anxiety, anger, depression, trauma, eating disorders, life transitions, grief, and sexuality issues. She aims to be an ally and an advocate for all of her clients and to foster an open and collaborative therapeutic environment.

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2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2
Philadelphia PA 19130

Phone  #  215-922-LOVE (5683) x 503

During her Master’s program, Ms. Jacobs offered individual therapy and psychological evaluations for pre- and post-operative abdominal transplant patients at UNC Hospitals.She has also worked as a sexual health counselor offering STI testing and sex education at a free community clinic in North Carolina.

Ms. Jacobs holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics from Georgetown University and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University.

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Tonya McDaniel, MEd, MSW, LSW, Director of Professional Development

SOCIETY HILL OFFICE: Tonya McDaniel, MEd, MSW, LSW, Director of Professional Development

Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW, Director of Program Development

Tonya McDaniel is a licensed social worker who has been working in the field of psychology and sexuality for almost 20 years. Her philosophic outlook is that most people have good intentions and are trying to do the best that they can given the tools they have at their disposal. Her goal as a therapist is to help create a space where clients can feel good about their accomplishments, identify areas that they want to improve, and expand their resources and skills to overcome conflict. She is able to accomplish this by employing a variety of therapeutic modalities, such as strengths-based, cognitive behavioral, narrative, psychodynamic, existential and systemic therapy.

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      Phone: 215-922-LOVE (5683) x409

      NPI 1114442357
      License SW134184

Tonya's strong background in research and education enables her to provide clients a multifaceted perspective on the issues they are facing. She is able to adapt her approach according to the needs of the individual. She will take on the role of a cheerleader, champion, educator, advocate, empathetic listener, and mediator to support clients in reaching their goals.

Currently, Tonya provides individual, couples and group psychotherapy to people who are struggling with various issues, including, grief & loss, anxiety, ADHD, depression, post-partum depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, trauma, sexual functioning, parenting and relationship concerns. In addition, Tonya has experience with specific life-adjustment areas, such as transition-to-parenthood, GLBTQ orientation, multicultural issues and intellectual disabilities.

Tonya’s passion for helping people achieve their full potential has led her to present at national conferences; serve on multiple interdisciplinary teams; create sexuality curricula; train staff on sensitive issues; and advise agencies developing sexual relationship policies.

Tonya graduated from Widener University with a Master in Social Work and a Master in Education in Human Sexuality. Additionally, Tonya spent a year studying psychology at the Université du Mirail in Toulouse, France. She is currently working on her PhD that she anticipates obtaining in 2018. 

ART MUSEUM OFFICE: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW

ART MUSEUM OFFICE: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW

Shannon Oliver O'Neil, MSW, LCSW Individual, Couples and Sex Therapist

Shannon Oliver-O’Neil, MSW, LCSW: Every person deserves to feel safe, happy, and loved. As your therapist, I will work with you to identify barriers and create tools to move towards your goals and create change in your day-to-day life. My methods incorporate behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic and arts-based approaches, depending on your needs. In addition to talk therapy, many of my clients engage in journaling, mindfulness exercises, and behavioral activities outside of our sessions. 

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      Cell Phone:215-922-LOVE (5683) x 410

             NPI 1750789228
             License Number: CW020155

Shannon works with individuals and couples of all genders on a range of issues including: anxiety and panic; anger management; pre-marital counseling; grief; trauma, gender Identity; sexual orientation, low sexual desire; delayed orgasm; out of control/compulsive sexual behavior; managing gender dysmorphia during sex; erectile dysfunction; kink; open relationships and depression. If you don’t see the issues you’re facing in this list, feel free to call and ask about my experience with them! 

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have trained adult educators and health care providers how to better support young people, people of color, and gender nonconforming or trans clients in their care. I bring these tools to my own work as a health care provider.I received my bachelors degree at Northwestern University, my Masters in Social Work and certificate in Sex Therapy at the University of Michigan. 



Melvin Tillman, MA

Melvin Tillman offers individual, couples and family therapy, with a specialization of sex therapy. He currently works with clients struggling with anger, anxiety, blended families, depression compulsive behaviors, financial problems, grief, infidelity, panic, phobias, polyamory, self-esteem, sexual harassment, trauma, sexual function / dysfunction. Additionally on Thursday's from 7-8pm he runs our Depression Support Group.     

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2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Number: 215-922-LOVE (5683)

Mr. Tillman joined the Center for Growth in 2016. He completed a one year - post masters fellowship with us and never left! Mr. Tillman received his Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Illinois, and his Masters in Counseling at Northwestern University.  Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University.  His dissertation is on the factors that lead to a healthy, sexual self-image for women living in the USA.  



"Alex" Caroline Robboy, CAS, MSW, ACSW, CSTS, LCSW, FOUNDER & Executive Director

NPI 1568008894

Curriculum Vitae

"Alex" Caroline Robboy, CAS, MSW, ACSW, AAMFT, CSTS, LCSW is the founder and executive director of the Center for Growth Inc / Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, a counseling organization in Center City, Philadelphia. She has 20+ years of experience working with adults and children.  Specifically, she works with children and adolescents struggling with Tourettes, Dyslexia, ADHD, Impulse Control Problems, and adults struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Post-Partum Depression, Shame, Trauma, Low Self-Esteem, Grief, Relationship Issues, Sexual Function & Dysfunction, Blended Families and Parenting Concerns. Currently, she provides individual, couples, family therapy and group therapy.  In collaboration with Edney Funeral Home to help people process their grief she is running Self-Care-Sundays and Intensive weekend workshops.  In collaboration with the Philadelphia International Women's Project, she ran for two years a sex therapy group for West African Immigrant Women who have experienced Female Genital Cutting and a sex therapy group for Immigrant Sudanese Women.  Lastly, she offers supervision to both staff and therapists outside of this agency seeking their LCSW or AASECT Certification in sex therapy. 

Ms. Robboy is published in journals and magazines, given lectures to health care professionals and been featured in national periodicals and books. She has appeared as an expert on television and radio talk shows.

Ms. Robboy is a Court Certified Mental Health Expert. Ms. Robboy earned three graduate degrees at the University of Pennsylvania;  Masters in Social Work, Post-Masters in Certificate Marriage and Family Therapy with a Specialization in Sex Therapy and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality Education (otherwise known as ABD) as well as a Certificate in Home and School Social Work.  Ms. Robboy is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor of Sex Therapy and an ABS Certified Sexologist. Additionally she is a Certified Imago Therapist. Lastly she is in the process of becoming certified in Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT).



Marina France, LSW

Marina France is a licensed social worker.  At the Center for Growth she offers individual and couples therapy as well as sex therapy.  Her focus is in treating anxiety, mood disorders, sexual trauma, grief, and serious mental illness. Marina also helps clients work through the concerns of emerging adulthood, challenging life transitions, and relationship difficulties. Marina also has an affinity for adults coming to terms with dysfunction in their families of origin and for those who are working to find their voice in the world. 

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Marina France:
2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2
Philadelphia PA 19130

NPI #1023539806

Marina believes that while we often seek therapy to resolve an immediate problem, therapy can also provide insight, skills and healing that help us grow even beyond our initial hopes. While each individual and couple brings a unique set of concerns to therapy, Marina finds that underneath our pressing worries often lie the core themes of our lives: how to love and connect, how to find meaning, and how to live authentically and stand in our own power.

Described by her clients as warm and attentive, Marina offers practical tools to create positive change in your daily life as well as a safe, non-judgmental space for deeper exploration. Marina pays careful attention to your story and tailors her approach to fit the concerns you and she identify together as areas for attention. Marina draws on techniques from mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy to support self-awareness and autonomy, challenge unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, and empower you to make choices that support your goals. She also practices from a relational psychodynamic perspective, emphasizing the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship as a window into the unexplored patterns, beliefs and experiences that may be at the root of current distress. Throughout the therapeutic experience, Marina brings in empathy, humor, authenticity, and a great respect for your unique strengths.

Marina earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. She is currently completing a post-master’s program in psychodynamic therapy at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.



Atiya W Pope, MBA, Intern Therapist

Atiya W. Pope has a Master of Business Association (MBA) and is in her last semester of her Master of Arts program with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Messiah College. She is completing a 9-month internship at The Center for Growth as an individual, couples and group therapist. 

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Telephone: (215) 922-LOVE (5683) extension 506

Atiya has spent the past 11 years fighting against systemic oppression for her clients in a variety of settings. She has extensive case management experience working with public assistance clients to help them achieve their employment goals by providing individually tailored interventions, such as workshops on job search, resume writing and interviewing skills. Additionally, she sought to advocate for those individuals most at risk and need of support, specifically pregnant woman experiencing depression and anxiety during pregnancy and/or postpartum by providing a variety of resource acquisitions.  Currently she is employed at a local Philadelphia college providing outreach  to domestic and international students in the Admissions/International Student Services department.

Prior to transitioning to the social services field, Atiya successfully obtained her MBA and worked at an American based, international company. She is well versed in the intricacies of business practices, including interdepartmental politics, international communication, and business processes. Atiya’s diverse academic expertise and professional experiences makes her a uniquely qualified therapist that can effortlessly support individuals who are unemployed/under employed to those individuals at top of the corporate ladder.

Regardless of economic status, Atiya’s primary passion is to help everyone she works with to become the best version of themselves. Her warmth and compassion enable people to begin the challenging work of self-discovery and change. She maximizes clients’ potential for growth by strategically applying her business savvy, case management and clinical skills in her therapeutic approach. Atiya currently provides individual, couples and group therapy to adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, anger management, loss/grief, relationships, pregnancy/parenting, and life transitions.  Additionally, she has experience supporting those individuals or their family members who are training for bodybuilding competitions.



Emily Endres, Intern

Emily Endres is a current Master’s in Counseling Psychology student.  She is doing a one year internship at the Center for Growth. She offers low-fee therapy for individuals and partners. She works with clients grieving losses of all kinds, including the death of a family member, partner or friend, unemployment, loss of health or mobility, and loss of a significant relationship. Emily also works with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, trauma, self-esteem, and identity issues. She provides therapy for diverse types of partnerships including LGBTQ and non-monogamous partners, and focuses on relationship issues including infidelity, navigating open relationships, communication issues, boundary issues, and desire differences. Additionally, on Fridays she runs a Grief Support Group.

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Telephone: (215) 922-LOVE (5683) extension 12

Prior to pursuing a career in counseling, Emily worked internationally in the healthcare and public health arena as a researcher and project manager. Emily conducted qualitative research, workshops, trainings and working groups in low- and middle-income countries on public health issues including sexual and reproductive health, clean water and sanitation, and primary healthcare. She has also worked and volunteered in a variety of health settings in the United States including long-term care facilities, community health clinics, and hospitals. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. 

ART MUSEUM OFFICE: Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC

ART MUSEUM OFFICE: Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC

Richard (Rick) Brian Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC

Rick has over 22 years of experience providing both mental health and addiction treatment.  

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Telephone: 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 407

NPI: 1104394402
License: PC000172

2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2, Philadelphia PA 19130

Rick's philosophic outlook consists of believing everyone is capable of transforming themselves.  He is passionate about being a seed in that process of change that helps people become the best version of themselves that they can be.

 Rick specializes in counseling individuals, young adults, seniors, and couples dealing with issues related to anxiety, anger, panic disorder, grief, issues specific to LGBTQ concerns, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), men’s issues, sexual addiction, codependency, and substance-related recoveries.  Rick utilizes many different therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic methods, and experiential techniques designed to help individuals and couples move in the direction that they feel is right for them.  With his laid back, yet structured approach, Rick’s main mission is to work with each client he sees in a collaborative way to help them move from “where they are” to “where they want to be.” 

In his work with both heterosexual and same-sex couples, Rick is very good at maintaining an objective stance so that both sides feel heard and validated.  He utilizes many different therapeutic interventions to help couples move in the direction that they feel is right for them.  He is also good at facilitating effective communication between each person while also maintaining emotional safety. 

Rick prides himself in helping clients do the work they want or need “in the office” so they can apply the tools of new insights and behaviors in their life between sessions and after their counseling is over.   

Aside from direct clinical work, Rick has taught graduate-level courses at universities, written several published articles, as well as implemented community and professional workshops.  He is a competent, compassionate, and well-rounded clinician that is dedicated to the well-being of each of his clients.

Rick is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and National Certified Counselor (NCC).  In 2014, Rick was awarded the Betty J. McDonough Treatment Award by the Council on Chemical Abuse in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  This honor recognized Rick’s compassion and commitment in helping individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction.