Support Group for Unexpected Grief and Loss: Losing a loved one unexpectedly triggers many emotions: shock, anger, guilt. And to add on to these feelings, you may have a lot of questions about why this loss even happened. These feelings and thoughts are normal reactions to losing someone. This can be an overwhelming experience for most, and uncharted territory for many. This grief therapy support group will help both men and women grieving to:

Address your grief with the support of others
Learn healthy self-care techniques to better help you during your time of grief
Explore and develop new traditions in response to your loss, and ways to carry out old traditions
Process your emotions connected to your loss
Seek support and information from peers based on their own experiences with loss
Gain a better understanding of the grief process
Increase your awareness of your emotions and learn appropriate ways to handle them
Learn new ways of coping during holidays, birthdays, and other significant celebrations

This group is run by a therapist.

To join this grief therapy support group, please call grief therapist our general intake line (267) 324-9564.