Em House  LSW, MEd, CPCC

Em House LSW, MEd, CPCC

Em House, LSW, MEd, CPCC

Em House, LSW, MEd, CPCC, is a Philadelphia individual and couples therapist, international sexologist, and seasoned educator, providing identity-affirming, trauma-informed support and growth for individuals, partners, and families.  

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233 s 6th street, Suite C33
Philadelphia PA 19106
NPI  1376101360

Our bodies and our relationships are the canvases on which our greatest vulnerabilities, points of pain, and incredible potential for healing are rendered. Em meets clients where they are, and through a combined approach of somatic, gestalt, emotion focused, and psychodynamic modalities, supports clients on their journey of healing and growth. Em’s approach is marked by their unique blend of down-to-earth honesty, compassion, and playfulness.

Em provides broad-spectrum care for people of all identities and issues, and specializes in a contextualized approach to topics that have often been mapped into the margins: issues faced by trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming clients; cross-cultural identity navigation; body image and complex embodiment; healing from trauma; supporting non-traditional relationship and family systems; and LGBTQIA+ identities and relationships, including family support.

Em earned a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA) from Wesleyan University and graduated with honors in Human Sexuality (MEd) and clinical Social Work (MSW) Widener University. They completed Widener’s graduate Trauma Certificate program in 2018. In addition to their role as a therapist, Em is a certified Co-Active coach (2017), a CTI Leadership graduate (2013), a former wilderness instructor, and an educator.

Over the last 12 years, Em has developed and taught a wide variety of practical curricula for youth, college students, parents, professionals, and older adults, including communication and consent workshops, and workplace LGBTQ+ inclusion trainings. Em regularly travels abroad to facilitate holistic embodiment workshops, which focus on calling forward one’s authenticity and gently healing old wounds. Whether in a workshop or in a therapeutic setting, their approach is rooted in ethics of cultural humility, advocacy, and social justice.