Galina Lensky, MD

Galina Lensky, MD

Galina Lensky, MD <br />Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Galina Lensky is a board-certified general adult psychiatrist with a clinical interest in mood disorders such as major depression and bipolar. She works with people struggling with anxiety, eating disorders, sexual addiction, post traumatic stress, sexuality issues PMS, PMDD, psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, and the menopausal transition.

Dr. Galina Lensky completed medical school in Smolensk, Russia and attended UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute of Los Angeles for her psychiatry residency and fellowship training. She acquired over twenty years of experience in psychiatry and more recently taught during her time as attending psychiatrist at Albert Einstein Medical Center. She specializes in psychiatric medication management of adults and geriatric populations.

Her philosophy of practice is to provide a multidisciplinary, team-based approach to helping patients solve problems. She not only provides psychopharmacological treatment, but also advocates for a healthy life style.

Dr. Lensky believes in integrating psychopharmacology with psychotherapy along with coordination of nutritional counseling, exercise and Pharmacogenomics - DrugGene testing, to create a personalized treatment plan and maximize overall well-being.