Telehealth Therapy: Georgine Atacan, MSW, LSW

Telehealth Therapy: Georgine Atacan, MSW, LSW

Georgine Atacan, MSW, LSW

Georgine Atacan, MSW, LSW joined the Center for Growth in October, 2019.  At TCFG she works with children, teens and adults and does individual, couples and family therapy.  Areas of interest include: grief, depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, parenting, transitions and business coaching. 

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Location: 233 s 6th Street, C33 Philadelphia PA 19106

She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday afternoon and evenings.  Additionally she works with teens on Saturdays and Sundays.  To schedule please call 267-428-2609. Online shows limited availability. 

NPI # 1013542729
License #SW 010550L

Georgine came to the Center for Growth having had extensive leadership and management experience, including recruiting, hiring, psychological testing, mentoring, fund-raising and coaching, as co-owner of one of the largest real estate brokerages in Pennsylvania. Her proven expertise in training, educating, team building and business development to maximize staff psychological well-being and productivity in a very competitive commission based industry. Additionally, as an organizational and life coach, she has proven skills and talent to help her clients to optimize their abilities and be the best that they be at whatever they endeavor.  

Georgine studied at Loyola University, Johns Hopkins and The University of Pennsylvania in Sociology, Abnormal Psychology and Social Work at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.