Marina France, LSW

Marina France is a licensed social worker.  At the Center for Growth she offers individual and couples therapy as well as sex therapy.  Her focus is in treating anxiety, mood disorders, sexual trauma, grief, and serious mental illness. Marina also helps clients work through the concerns of emerging adulthood, challenging life transitions, and relationship difficulties. Marina also has an affinity for adults coming to terms with dysfunction in their families of origin and for those who are working to find their voice in the world. 

Marina believes that while we often seek therapy to resolve an immediate problem, therapy can also provide insight, skills and healing that help us grow even beyond our initial hopes. While each individual and couple brings a unique set of concerns to therapy, Marina finds that underneath our pressing worries often lie the core themes of our lives: how to love and connect, how to find meaning, and how to live authentically and stand in our own power.

Described by her clients as warm and attentive, Marina offers practical tools to create positive change in your daily life as well as a safe, non-judgmental space for deeper exploration. Marina pays careful attention to your story and tailors her approach to fit the concerns you and she identify together as areas for attention. Marina draws on techniques from mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy to support self-awareness and autonomy, challenge unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, and empower you to make choices that support your goals. She also practices from a relational psychodynamic perspective, emphasizing the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship as a window into the unexplored patterns, beliefs and experiences that may be at the root of current distress. Throughout the therapeutic experience, Marina brings in empathy, humor, authenticity, and a great respect for your unique strengths.

Marina earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. She is currently completing a post-master’s program in psychodynamic therapy at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.

Marina France, LSW's Resume

NPI: 1023539806


  • Pennsylvania: SW133563
  • New Jersey: NJDCATEMP-017701

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