Sarah Mohler, LSW

Sarah Mohler, LSW is a Licensed Social Worker. Sarah completed her Master’s in Social Work at Temple University, after which she worked as a Therapist at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation for women. Sarah is completing a one year fellowship at the Center for Growth and is working to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Her fellowship is Jan 4, 2021-Dec 31, 2021.  Her areas of specialty include Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which she integrates into her therapy, in addition to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Attachment Theory. Sarah believes in developing a strong rapport and emphasizes the importance of the relationship in Therapy, using activities such as writing and art to engage individuals in creative ways.

Sarah’s background in Social Work and experience with Case Management positions gives her a unique perspective from which to consider individuals, Sarah takes a “Person in Environment” approach to shape her mindset and considers herself skilled in working with individuals to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Sarah specializes in anxiety disorders and mental health diagnoses, and includes mindfulness in her practice. In her free time, Sarah enjoys being outside and exercising, in addition to writing and crocheting.

Sarah Mohler, LSW's Resume