Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW

Every person deserves to feel safe, happy, and loved. As your therapist, I will work with you to identify barriers and create tools to move towards your goals and create change in your day-to-day life. My methods incorporate behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic and arts-based approaches, depending on your needs. In addition to talk therapy, many of my clients engage in journaling, mindfulness exercises, and behavioral activities outside of our sessions. 

Shannon works with individuals and couples of all genders on a range of issues including: anxiety and panic; anger management; pre-marital counseling; grief; trauma, gender Identity; sexual orientation, low sexual desire; delayed orgasm; out of control/compulsive sexual behavior; managing gender dysmorphia during sex; erectile dysfunction; kink; open relationships and depression. If you don’t see the issues you’re facing in this list, feel free to call and ask about my experience with them! 

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have trained adult educators and health care providers how to better support young people, people of color, and gender nonconforming or trans clients in their care. I bring these tools to my own work as a health care provider.I received my bachelors degree at Northwestern University, my Masters in Social Work and certificate in Sex Therapy at the University of Michigan. 

Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW's Resume

NPI: 1750789228


  • Pennsylvania: CW020155
  • New Jersey: NJDCATEMP-016232
  • Virginia: temporary VA social work license number 0904011816

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