Shayna Alper

Shayna Alper

Shayna Alper, Intern

Shayna Alper is an aspiring therapist currently working towards her Masters in Social Work and Masters of Education in Human Sexuality at Widener University, where she will graduate in May of 2018.  She is currently completing her one year internship at The Center for Growth / Therapy in Philadelphia doing individual, couples and family therapy.  Shayna holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, with a minor in sociology. Her passion to help people discover their full potential was ignited in her undergraduate studies and has only grown tremendously from her current experience in her Masters program. At the Center for Growth she will be able to provide clients struggling with anger issues, self esteem, guilt, shame, embarassment, anxiety, depression, grief, sexuality, life transitions low fee services.  

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Shayna has previously worked at a mobile crisis agency for Delaware County Crisis Connections, where she developed crisis skills working in a variety of situations with different client populations. Additionally, she has interned at Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk County in Islandia, New York where she provided support, relief, and resources to survivors of domestic violence. Her passion for helping people embrace their unique sense of self is mirrored in her empathetic ability to connect with a multitude of diverse clients.

She currently resides in South Philadelphia where she is dedicated to continue gaining professional experience in the field of clinical social work. Shayna’s experience with Mindfulness practice and research helps create and nourish a strong mind- body connection. Through the utilization of this technique, emotions and thoughts are better able to be recognized and understood by the mind. She is driven to incorporate her knowledge in narrative therapy and cognitive- behavioral therapy in clinical practice in order to fully comprehend and validate the wide variety of life experiences that clients express. Shayna remains committed to empower and motivate clients by creating a safe space and applying appropriate clinical techniques and sexually based interventions.