Tanisha Thorpe-Moore



Tanisha Thorpe-Moore is currently a student in the Clinical Mental Health Master’s Degree program offered at Capella University. She is doing a one year internship at The Center for Growth (ending in January 2021). She works with children and adolescents, senior citizens, couples, and adults struggling with guilt, grief & loss, depression, panic attacks, anger management, low self-esteem, anxiety, dysfunction, parenting, pregnancy, motivation, post- partum depression, trauma, crisis, PTSD, and life transitions. She does great with facilitating a safe environment for expressing/feeling emotions, rapport building, self-reflection, grounding, identifying causes for behaviors, and composing coping skills and tools to better equip clients to weather the storms of life. Tanisha is experienced in transitioning into the new roles of being a new mother and wife.

Tanisha draws on techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, mindfulness, existential therapy, person-centered therapy, and solution focused therapy. Tanisha is a very empathetic listener and devoted to helping clients better navigate through complex systems, manage significant life transitions, and mobilize clients’ resources and time to achieve their goals in and outside of therapy. Tanisha aspires to have each client leave therapy in a better place than they were in prior to beginning therapy.

Prior to pursuing a career in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Tanisha worked in the mental health field for over 6 years as a direct worker and as a director of a group home for children with an array of serious mental health diagnosis. As well as two years in child welfare provide case management to families and children. Tanisha also has over 10 years of experience with customer service. She has performed her years of customer service working in retail, food management, property management, clerical, college administration, and customer support services. Tanisha graduated from high school in 2006, she completed her Psychology Bachelor’s degree at Delaware State University in 2013. Her anticipated graduation for her Master’s degree is July 2020. 

Growing up in the less fortunate communities of Philadelphia, Tanisha saw a need for better mental health resources in her community. She grew up being the person that her friends and families sought after for comfort and guidance on how to cope and navigate through life and family challenges. Watching families torn apart due to lack of tools and resources caused her to want to help promote change in clients’ lives. Tanisha was called to do this work from her being a helping type of person. Tanisha is dedicated to her clients and can take on the role of advocate, motivator, support, mediator, listener, and educator when needed.