Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling: Couples therapy - Marriage Therapy involves two-to-one interaction with a trained couples therapist. In couples therapy, the two people in a relationship typically meet weekly with a therapist. Couples therapy is appropriate for all persons in relationships. Many people seek couples therapy to save a failing relationship or to work through a specific issue (depression, sex, codependency, trauma, parenting clashes, boundaries, social anxiety, ADHD, borderline personality, narcissism). Others seek couples therapy to prepare for marriage, or to gain clarity about their vulnerabilities as a couple. Sometimes one or both partners pursue individual therapy concurrently – in addition to couples therapy – to address individual issues interfering with the relationship. Couples therapy can strengthen the bond between partners.

When seeking couples therapy / marriage counseling it is always preferable to choose a therapist that is local to you and who has experience in helping clients with similar issues. For example, while most therapists have some knowledge about sexuality, sexual problems are best managed by a therapist who concentrates on sexual function/dysfunction issues and has received specialized training in these areas. Similarly, someone seeking help for their child is best helped by a therapist who has specific training in play therapy. For a better understanding of our therapists’ specialties, and please refer to our biographies in the About Us section of the site as well as our Information Center where you can read many self-help articles written by our therapists.  We have an office in Society Hill as well as in the Art Museum / Fairmount area.  You may also contact our Director, “Alex” Caroline Robboy, CAS, MSW, LCSW at (215) 570–8614 to discuss your particular situation.