When a group of individuals with similar issues gather to discuss a common concern or way of coping with a condition, it is called a support group. Support groups at the Center for Growth, Inc., located in Society Hill, Philadelphia are led by experienced therapists who are skilled at facilitating discussion and promoting learning among group members. A support group is typically attended by 6-12 people and lasts 1-2 hours. CALENDAR OF UPCOMING SUPPORT GROUPS

We offer two types of support groups: educational groups and therapeutic groups. Our educational groups are designed to help people adjust to both normative and non-normative life changes and conditions, such as pregnancy and postpartum baby blues. Our therapeutic groups are designed to help people cope with particular mental health issues, such as eating disorders and depression.

Support groups can deepen one’s understanding of an issue through the process of group interaction. In a support group participants will interact with peers who are struggling with similar concerns. These individuals are often able share tips for managing a problem or condition and to candidly discuss the associated challenges and pitfalls. In a peer group setting, a client not only is able to explore the underlying dynamics of a particular issue, but also to understand how he or she copes with that issue in relation to others.

Benefits of support groups:

  • Provide and receive emotional support
  • Learn from fellow participants
  • Obtain practical advice
  • Develop friendships and reduce sense of isolation
  • Hear different perspectives
  • Save money – groups are often less expensive than individual therapy

Many people participate in individual therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy and support groups simultaneously. Participating in a support group in addition to other types of therapy can enhance one’s experience by providing alternative perspectives and providing a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to practice newly acquired behaviors and skills.

For a list of our current support groups (including dates, times and fees) please visit our calendar section or our support group page. The Center for Growth is proud to present the following active support groups:

  • Anxiety & Depression Support Group  (Thursdays 7-7:53pm) $10 per group (Fairmount Office) 
  • Grief & Loss Support Group (Sundays at 5pm) $10 per group (Society Hill Office)
  • Genital Herpes Support Group (Wednesdays 7-7:53) $10 per group (Art Museum / Fairmount Office)

  • Sex Addiction Support Group (Wednesdays 8-8:53) $10 per group (Art Museum / Fairmount Office)

  • Trauma Support Group (Tuesdays 7-7:53) $10 per group (Art Museum / Fairmount Office)

  • Female Sexual Pain Support Group (Fridays 7-7:53) $10 per group (Fairmount Office)

PAST SUPPORT GROUPS * Baby Blues Support Group * Exploring and Repairing our Relationship with Food (ERRF)* Postpartum Depression Support Group (PDSG) * Pregnancy Support Group (PSG) * Grief Support Group - unexpected loss * Newly Single Support Group - you just got separated, divorced or ended a long term relationship, now what? * Chronic Pain Support Group