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Children and their families have unique needs. Depending on the issue, children, ages 3-11 benefit from working with play therapists and families from being with a therapist trained in family therapy and adolescents working with therapists trained in their developmental needs.  Each style of therapy will speak to the presenting issue in a slightly different way. Here at the Center for Growth, on staff we have clinician's trained in the different styles of treatment. Feel free to call us and speak with one of our clinician's about what style is right for you. Additionally, enjoy the tips we have written that specifically are written to help you better understand the various issues and possible treatment strategies.

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Parenting Worried Children

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Whether you get your news from your personal computer, television, radio, or smartphone, it’s likely that you feel bombarded with negative messages and images from the world around us.  Parenting…

Understanding Turner Syndrome

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

Has your child just been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome?  Does a loved one, such as a family member or close friend, have Turner Syndrome?  This article will provide an overview…

Present Moment Awareness

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Do you find yourself stuck in the past, ruminating over previous conversations or interactions?  Or maybe you’re focused on the future, stressing about what could happen or how your future…

How Will Your Baby Impact Your New Marriage

Posted by: Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW

How Will Your New Baby Impact Your Marriage? For many couples, the addition of a new baby into the family is an exciting, joyous, and uncertain time. Whether the couple…

Anxiety: Psychotherapy Treatment Options

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Anxiety: Psychotherapy Treatment Options Explored

​Anxiety is an umbrella term that ranges from nerves before a big meeting, and escalating to a fear of leaving your home. With all of the…

Bedtime Ritual for Anxiety Sufferers

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Bedtime Ritual for Anxiety Sufferers

Whether you are suffering from chronic anxiety or nervously anticipating an upcoming

event or circumstance, stress can interfere with our sleep cycles, affecting our ability to

catch those…

Why People Occassionally Cheat

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Why People Occasionally Cheat

Have you ever wondered why people occasionally cheat in their relationships?  What could possibly be their motivation and how could they violate the delicate thread of trust? …

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise: Are you suffering from anger, anxiety, or insomnia? Have you tried countless breathing and relaxation exercises to no avail? Progressive Muscle Relaxation may be right…

When Trauma is Misdiagnosed as ADHD in Children

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Has your child been a little more rambunctious than usual? Many are quick to

slap on an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis to a hyperactive

child, but sometimes this diagnosis…

Negative Stories and Anxiety

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

When life is uncertain and your anxiety heightens have you ever made up really negative stories that just continue to raise your feelings of anxiety? You may be…

Smartphone Boundaries for Parents

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Smartphone Boundaries for Parenting

Are you practicing SMART smartphone parenting strategies? Try the exercises below to begin establishing healthy smartphone boundaries for your family. It is helpful to observe your current…

Preparing for Academic Success

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Are you struggling with achieving academic success? The semester is winding down and your grades are being posted. This may prove to be an exciting and validating time if…

Not Being The First

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

            You found the perfect partner. You connect on so many different levels.  You really feel like they get you, and your family and friends all…

Managing Anxiety in a New Relationship

Posted by: Angie Dion, MFT, LMFT, Therapist

When you're an anxious person, dating can feel really, really tough. Especially, in a new relationship (within the first few months) there are lots of things that may cause your…

Fear of Flying Exercise

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

People have phobias about all types of things. You may have  heard of people having a fear of heights, death, public speaking, and spiders. A very common phobia is aerophobia…

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