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Codependency Treatment in Center City Philadelphia: Codependency, also known as relationship addiction: Treatment for codependency is available in Center City, Philadelphia. The concept of a relationship addiction has only become popularized in the last ten years. The term was originally coined to describe the partner of a drug or alcohol addict. Codependency is a disease that is thought of as a learned behavior, typically passed down from one generation to the next. People who are codependent typically engage in one-sided, unhealthy and / or abusive relationships. Codependent individuals often have low self esteem, find it hard to be themselves and believe that nothing they do lives up to their expectations and standards. Typical control patterns that a person suffering from codependency might use are: lavishing gifts on those they care about, offering advice without being asked, becoming resentful when others do not let them help, placing value in others

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Saying No

Posted by: Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, DSW, MSW, MBE

It can be so very challenging for most of us to say no, and for a number of very good reasons. First and foremost, we are all taught from an…

Differentiation Strategies

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

You read the tip on mismatched differentiation for those who feel healthier in their relationships. Now, what do you do about it? How do you fix something…

Healthier Person in a Relationship

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

What do you do when you are the emotionally healthier person in a relationship?

Emotional health can be described through the concept of differentiation. Differentiation is a balance between independence…

5 Signs Your Friendship Might Be Unhealthy

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

When we think of abusive relationships romantic partners and family members may come to mind. However, friendships have the capability of being emotionally abusive that can cause overwhelming anxiety. Intimate…

Create Emotional Independence by Responding Versus Reacting

Posted by: Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW

How many times have you walked away from an argument feeling worked up, overwhelmed, or defeated? Part of the challenge may be that you are too emotionally fused or codependent…

How to Create Emotional Independence Through Language

Posted by: Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW

If you have ever wondered how you can create emotional independence through language, then you are in the right place.


There’s no “I” in “team!” Many of us may be familiar…

Emotional Independence: A Solution to Codependence

Posted by: Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW

Did you know a solution to emotional reactivity, emotional fusion or codependence is emotional independence? But what exactly is emotional independence?

When people struggle with asserting their needs and desires within…

Codependent Relationships

Posted by: Angie Dion, MFT, LMFT, Therapist

“You complete me,” Jerry Maguire says desperately to a teary-eyed Dorothy in the movie “Jerry Maguire.” She looks at him longingly as she accepts his apology and his proposal for…

Couples Therapy: I Am Check Ins

Posted by: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW Therapist, Supervisor of Interns, Art Museum / Fairmount Office Manager

Are you and your partner considering couples therapy? One of the most important things to know is that you need to do work at home as well as in session…

Why People Occassionally Cheat

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Why People Occasionally Cheat

Have you ever wondered why people occasionally cheat in their relationships?  What could possibly be their motivation and how could they violate the delicate thread of trust? …

Understanding Past Relationships

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Understanding past relationships: Getting back into dating and relationships can be a fun, but anxiety provoking time. Perhaps your dating experience hasn't been that great. Or your past relationships have been…

Getting Over Being Dumped

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Getting over being dumped: So you’ve just gone through being dumped and now you’re trying to refocus back to a state of normalcy, but reaching equilibrium seems nearly impossible. What’s a…

Cheaters: Who And Why

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Cheaters: Who Are They and Why Do They Do It?

Why do people cheat?  There are many reasons that people cheat.  You may hear people say that we as humans…

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

Before you make your standard New Year’s resolution to go to the gym at least three times a week, think about what you truly…

How Do I Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling?

Posted by: Alex Robboy, CAS, MSW, LCSW Individual, Couples & Family Therapy IMAGO Certified Marriage Counselor AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor Founder & Director of the Center for Growth Inc.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling? (Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy in Philadelphia)

How do I get the most out of couples counseling? Making the decision…

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