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Marriage Counseling and Relationship Counseling in Center City Philadelphia : Perhaps you've experienced a divorce, or have simply been single for a while and are hoping to enter a new relationship. Maybe you're not sure if the one you have now is worth saving, as the passion may have waned and you've begun fighting with your partner. This section is designed to help you answer all those questions and to develop the skills needed to work through common relationship problems.

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Keeping Your Relationship Balanced

Posted by: Richard (Rick) Snyderman, Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC

Keeping Your Relationship Balanced

    Keeping your relationship balanced, through an equal distribution of “giving” and “receiving” with your partner is the same as keeping your relationship…

Mourning Your Affair Partner

Posted by: Emily Endres, Intern

Losing anyone you love is difficult. But losing an affair partner is difficult and complicated. This is because you may be excluded from normal mourning activities and rituals, and may…

Couples’ Formula for Successful Requests

Posted by: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LSWTherapist

One of the most common communication issues I see in my couples’ sessions are difficulty with successful requests, or self-sabotaging requests. What do I mean by this? Often when we…

Recognizing Your Conflict Style

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

  Conflict is one of the experiences that everyone has to go through, especially in relationships.  According to Dr. John Gottman, couples’ therapist and researcher, the majority of conflicts happen due…

Relationship Ambivalence Counseling

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Feeling breakup ambivalence? Not sure if you want in or out of your relationship? Are you fighting for working on your relationship but feel like your partner is half out…

Differentiation Strategies

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

You read the tip on mismatched differentiation for those who feel healthier in their relationships. Now, what do you do about it? How do you fix something…

Healthier Person in a Relationship

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

What do you do when you are the emotionally healthier person in a relationship?

Emotional health can be described through the concept of differentiation. Differentiation is a balance between independence…

Premarital Counseling Q and A

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Engaged? Planning your wedding? How will you plan for your marriage? This tip clarifies many of the questions people have before entering premarital counseling.

Q: What is Premarital Counseling?

Giving More Than You Receive

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

            Whether they are with our friends, family, or loved ones, the relationships that you hold with others are truly important.  We’ve all heard that…

How to Stay Single as a Serial Dater

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

Being in a romantic relationship can truly be wonderful.  There’s the excitement of being with someone new, the joy of receiving and giving sexual attention, the pleasure of having someone…

Owning Your Porn Problem

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

Porn is a sexual tool that many people utilize.  However, while some have a healthy relationship with pornography, others develop obsessive and destructive tendencies with porn.  Some people would…

Prenups Can Strengthen Relationships

Posted by: Tonya McDaniel, ABD, MEd in Human Sexuality, MSW, LSW

Learn how prenups can strengthen relationships.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

“You have made my life and…

How to Support A Partner With Anxiety

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

How to support a partner with anxiety 

Relationships can be difficult at times, especially when an anxiety disorder is added to the mix. Living in constant fear is not fun…

Feeling Like a Team in your Relationship

Posted by: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LSWTherapist

A good relationship allows each person to feel supported, and that they and their partner are on the same team. Each person can trust that their partner is invested in…

Couples' Exercise: Unpacking the Fight

Posted by: Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LSWTherapist

Are you and your partner having the same fight over and over again? When couples get stuck in a fight that pops up over and over again, it’s because you…

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