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Body image affects every area of our lives. It can affect not just the way we see our bodies, but the way we see our place in the world and how we interact in relationships. Body image affects our intimate relationships and our parenting example. Learn more about how body image impacts your life and career and how to approach body image challenges. 

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Learn to Love Your Body

Posted by: Marina France

Loving our bodies can be a challenge. Although our physical bodies work hard to carry us safely and efficiently through the world, if we’re facing illness, pain or physical limitations…

Sensate Focus Touching for Body Image

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Do you struggle with your body image? Do you feel out of touch with your sexuality? These concerns are common for women throughout their lifespan. Body image is defined as…

Health Conscious Dating

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

After countless dates you are left broke, alone, and fatter. That’s right, fatter. For the past few months you have been living a glutton’s dream life. You get home from…

Body Image Basics

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Body Image Basics


While some men may indeed suffer with body image issues, this tip is specifically written for women.  Imagine a continuum with extremes at either end:

Anorexia nervosa or…

The Power of Compliments

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

The Power of Compliments The Center for Growth / Couples Counseling in Philadelphia

Compliments can become few and far between in relationships, and worse, the compliments can often become stale…

Women and Body Image Exercise

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Body Image Therapy in Philadelphia: Women and Body Image: How to Restructure Your Thinking by Nurturing your body 

When it comes to our own perception of our body image, many people tend…

Poor Body Image and Thought Records

Posted by: Center for Growth Therapists

Center for Growth / Body Image Therapy in Philadelphia: Completing a Thought Record to Address Poor Body Image

It is common for individuals living in Philadelphia to struggle with self-confidence about their…