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Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, DSW, MSW, MBE

Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, DSW, MSW, MBE

Curriculum Vitae




2011    Doctor of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA      

Dissertation: Development in Crisis: Adolescent Sibling Bereavement. Retrievable from http://repository.upenn.edu/ed...


      2006    Master of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


      2006    Master of Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


      2006    Clinical Ethics Certificate, Union College, Albany, NY


      2004    Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), McGill University, Montreal, Canada



2012    Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Pennsylvania (Current)


2009    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), District of Columbia (Paid inactive)



2017    Assistant Professor of Teaching

            Assistant Director of the Doctorate of Social Work Program

Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ


2016    Adjunct Assistant Professor

            Doctoral Program Dissertation Chair

School of Social Policy and Practice, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA



2013    Faculty, Graduate Theological School

Bryn Athyn College of the New Church, Bryn Athyn, PA


2011    Assistant Professor of Psychology

            Department Chair of Psychology

Bryn Athyn College of the New Church, Bryn Athyn, PA                           



2018    Mobile Psychotherapist, Individual Private Practice, Huntingdon Valley, PA. Fee-for-service therapy to adolescents and adults coping with bereavement, spirituality concerns, and trauma.

2018    Psychotherapist, The Center for Growth, Philadelphia, PA. Fee-for-service, direct practice with women who have been affected by pregnancy loss including miscarriage, stillbirth, and termination for medical reasons. Additional clinical work with individuals suffering from thanatophobia and general bereavement.


2013    Psychotherapist, Online Private Practice. Fee-for-service psychotherapy to individuals and couples via online forum. Focus on pregnancy stress, loss, and termination for medical reasons, thanatophobia, and general bereavement.

2010    Director of Admissions/Intensive Outpatient Therapist, Psychiatry, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC. Provided clinical and administrative leadership and supervision for 12 social workers and psychologists. Member of institutional bioethics committee, responding to calls for ethics mediation throughout the hospital. Provided individual psychotherapy and led daily support groups for patient suffering from acute mental illness. Supervised Ph.D intern.


2008    Clinician, Family Informed Trauma Treatment Center, University of Maryland School

of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. Provided manualized mental health interventions and education to returning veteran population and their families in Veterans Administration Maryland Healthcare System. Pursued grant responsibilities and facilitated multi-family group therapy with low-income, urban families affected by trauma. Administered psychotherapy to individual children and families both on campus and offsite at domestic abuse shelter, House of Ruth.


2007    Pediatric Oncology Social Worker, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington,    DC. Worked with children and families affected by the diagnosis of childhood cancer.

Member of Interdisciplinary Ethics Forum in addition to Team Leader of hospital on-call ethics consultation service. Certified Reiki Practitioner on Palliative Care Consult Service.


2006    Clinical Oncology Social Worker, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD     

Worked with patients and families affected by the diagnosis of cancer, throughout all stages and manifestations of the disease.


2005    Student Intern, Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia. Counseled and provided emotional support and resources to parents of terminally ill infants, infants born with birth defects, and mothers who received fetal surgery.


2004    Student Intern, Trauma Unit, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Worked with high-risk populations and performed bio psychosocial assessments, individual and family counseling, crisis intervention (dealing with drug and alcohol addictions/survivors of domestic assault), arrangements for next level of care (nursing home placements, inpatient/outpatient physical therapy, psychiatric and drug rehabilitation placements).                                                                                                           


2011-2018       Undergraduate         


Research Methods in Psychology (Capstone)

Senior Essay Research Seminar (Capstone)

Introduction to Psychology

Personality Theory

Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Social Psychology

Psychology and Spirituality

Cognitive Psychology

Seminar in Death and Dying

Introduction to Experiments in Psychology

Internship Field Placement


2011-present   Graduate                                                                                                      

Bioethics and Clinical Social Work

Existential Therapy and Thanatophobia

Human Spirituality

From Practice to Scholarly Thinking

Service Learning

Service Learning Internship

Advanced Seminar in Death and Dying

Introduction to the Literature Review

Searching the Literature for Literature

Analyzing the Literature

Writing the Literature Review

Introduction to the Case Study

Clinical Case Study Seminar





Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2015). Grieving for the sibling you lost: The teen’s guide to coping with grief and finding meaning after loss. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications. Please see: https://www.newharbinger.com/author/erica-goldblatt-hyatt


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications


Younes, M., Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D., Witt, H., & Franklin, C. (in press). A call to action: Addressing ambivalence and promoting advocacy for reproductive rights in social work education.


LaSala, M.C., & Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). A bioethics approach to social work practice with transgender clients. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. Advance Online Publication, pp. 1-21. https://doi.org/10.1080/105387...

Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). Then and now: Reflections on death at life’s beginning. Journal of Social Work in End of Life and Palliative Care. Retrievable from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15524256.2019.1577327

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Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2015). From healer to transformed healer: Relearning lessons in grief. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 20(2), 32-41. Retrievable from https://reflectionsnarrativesofprofessionalhelping.org/index.php/Reflections/article/view/246


Book Chapters and Readings


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (in press). Case presentation: Adolescence. In J.L.M. McCoyd, J.M. Koller, & C.A. Walter, Grief and loss across the lifespan: A biopsychosocial perspective (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co.


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Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). The devil you know: Emerging homosexual identity as traumatic loss in a conservative religious community. In M. Conti, J. Floersch, J. Longhoffer, & M. Jaffe (Eds.), Social work and LGBTQ spiritual trauma. New York, NY: Routledge.

Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). The outsider-insider perspective in life and grief. In B. Counselman Carpenter & A. Redcay (Eds.), Working with grief and traumatic loss: Theory, practice, personal self-care and reflection for clinicians. San Diego, CA: Cognella.

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Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). Shifting identities, shifting meanings: Adolescent siblings and grief. In M. Diaz and B. Shepherd (Eds.), Narrating practice with children and adolescents. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.


White Paper

Collins, K., Connors, K., Donohue, A., Gardner, S., Goldblatt, E., Hayward, A., Kiser, L., Strieder, F. Thompson, E. (2010). Understanding the impact of trauma and urban poverty on family systems: Risks, resilience, and interventions. Baltimore, MD: Family Informed Trauma Treatment Center.


Web-Based Publications


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (in press). Bereaved teen siblings: What’s their grief? Compassionate Friends Website Blog.


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2020). Managing COVID-19 during conception, pregnancy, and after birth. Rutgers Today. Retrievable from https://www.rutgers.edu/news/managing-covid-19-during-conception-pregnancy-and-after-birth


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019-20). 32 Regular self-help blog entries on the topics of general grief and babyloss on TherapyinPhiladelphia.com. Retrievable from https://www.therapyinphiladelphia.com/tips/category/grief-sorrow-loss-and-mourning


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). Letter to the editor: Refuting Thyer’s Aborting abortions. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 16(2), 4-5.


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2019). TOPFA.org: Helping providers help patients. Original website developed for helping professionals working with women terminating pregnancy due to fetal anomaly. Developed research-based printables, created interactive storytelling tools, and other resources to educate clinicians.


Goldblatt Hyatt, E.D. (2018). Dear Evan Hansen starts conversations for teens about sibling grief. New Harbinger Publications Blog, October. Retrievable from https://www.newharbinger.com/blog/dear-evan-hansen-starts-conversation-teens-about-sibling-grief.


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Title: Life, Death, and the In-Between: Physician Perception of Viability and its Impact on Timely Abortion Care for Women Diagnosed with Lethal Fetal Anomaly after 24 Weeks’ Gestation

Agency: Rutgers University Center for Historical Analysis

Dates: September 2019-May 2021

Amount: $4000


2020:   Counseling Women after Later Abortion due to Fetal Anomaly: A Unique Grief. NASW New Jersey Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ

2019:   DSWs working in the DSW: Where do we fit? “Hot Topic” presentation, Council on Social Work Education APM, Denver, CO.

2019:   The personal stories and diversity of grief from clinicians worldwide. Panel presentation, Council on Social Work Education APM, Denver, CO

2019:   Adolescent identity development within a conservative religious community. National Association for Christianity in Social Work Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

2019    Questioning the word: Adolescent identity development within a conservative religious community. NASW New Jersey Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ.

2019    Counseling parents affected by fetal anomaly: A unique form of grief. 41st Annual Association for Death Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.

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2015    Children’s concepts of the afterlife. The 6th Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference, Virginia Beach, VA

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2020    Second-trimester termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly (TOPFA): Psychosocial reactions, responses, and implications for clinical providers. Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, New Brunswick, NJ

2020    Second-trimester termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly (TOPFA): Psychosocial reactions, responses, and implications for genetic counselors. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ

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2019-               Developing best practices communicating risks during pregnancy (Principal Investigator). Currently active at Rutgers University. With Judith McCoyd, PhD, and Laura Curran, PhD.


2019-               Social workers’ knowledge of theories of grief and loss. (Co-Investigator).  Grounding Research in Practice (GRIP) initiative, Rutgers University. With Judith McCoyd, PhD, Ayse Akincigil, PhD.


2019-               Social work student and faculty education and attitudes about abortion. (Co-Principal Investigator). Active cross-campus survey. With Heather Witt, PhD, Maha Younes, PhD, and Carly Franklin, MSW.


2015-2016       Formal Direct Hospice Caregiver Experiences with Underserved Minority Populations at End of Life. Literature review collaboration with Dr. Alexandra Hanlon, Research Professor, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania


2014-15           Research into the Communications of the Dying. Research proposal (IRB approved). Collaboration with Lisa Smartt and Dr. Raymond A. Moody. Original protocol goal of recording, transcribing, and analyzing the utterances of the dying in private home environments to explore linguistic and psychological themes at the end of life. IRB approval February 2015.


2011                      Near-Death Experiences, Spiritual Experiences, and Bedside Visitations within               the New Church Community: A Pilot Study. Collection of individual interviews           with Bryn Athyn/New Church community members



2019    Manuscript/Proposal Reviewer, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group

2019    Peer Reviewer, Journal of Social Work and Christianity

2017    Special Editor for Aging, Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping

2017    Peer Reviewer, Death Studies

2016    Interviewee, Oral Histories of Leading Figures in Thanatology (D. Balk, Ph.D, PI)          

2014    Peer Reviewer, Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping                

2010    Peer Reviewer, Journal of Child and Family Social Work                          

2009    Editor, The Clinician Doctoral Magazine, University of Pennsylvania    


2011    Director of Psychology Club

2011    Resource and Advisor for Senior Essays (High School and College)            


Extra Grace Available: Intensive, pro-bono coaching and support for at-risk community members             

Loss and Found: Founder and co-facilitator of monthly bereavement support group      


2018    Assistant Director, Doctorate of Social Work

Create, organize, and manage doctoral-level curriculum. Collaborate with interdisciplinary staff, and teach clinical, theoretical, and scholarly content across three cohorts of students. Recruit appropriate faculty to teach across all three years. Provide direct mentorship to entire first-year cohort and half of third year cohort. Support student submission to peer-reviewed academic journals by assessing, revising, and mentoring students across all cohorts during summer term. Provide administrative support to director wherever needed, including managing and mentoring staff, attending national conferences for recruitment and representation of program, and other duties as prescribed. Work directly with director to create and revise program goals and assessment in order to apply for accreditation by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). Provide content for alumni survey, advise on program goals and assessment, and collaborate with Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and Research Specialist.

 As of 2019-20, oversee recruitment, admissions, program evaluation, and supervision.

2015    Chair, Human Subjects Research Review Committee

Reviewed submissions for human subjects research at Bryn Athyn College, serve as liaison with Holy Redeemer Health System Institutional Review Board, and educate professors about appropriate research activities in the classroom. Completed CITI human subjects research training in the area of social-behavioral-educational research. Pioneered relationship with Holy Redeemer Health System review board to serve as IRB for Bryn Athyn College. 


2013    Department Chair, Psychology

Spearheaded Bryn Athyn College’s most successful major program (and subsequently developed minor in psychology program) that adhered to APA recommendations for undergraduate psychology programs and benchmarks against institutions of comparable size.


Responsible for hiring and supervising faculty as well as continuing evaluation process; developing departmental assessment and metrics reports; learning goals and outcomes; course evaluations; recruitment and admissions responsibilities; creating new courses; managing enrollment and course sections; maintaining compliance with accreditation policies.


Created articulation agreement with Rosemont College to guarantee qualifying students acceptance into graduate school. Currently working with Jefferson University to create a similar agreement.


2013    Supervisor of Service Learning Placements, Theological School


2011    Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee

2011    Academic Advisor

2012    Assistant Department Chair, Psychology

2012    CORE Curriculum Committee

2012    Director of Information Literacy

2012    Interdisciplinary Major Committee

2012    Publication Committee


French: fluent

Spanish: excellent