Emotional Eating Quiz: to determine if you are an emotional eater, ask yourself the following questions

* 1) Do you eat food instead of processing negative or overwhelming emotions?
* 2) Do you frequently place other people’s needs before your own?
* 3) Do you find that you consume a lot of food that is high in fat and calories?
* 4) Do you find that you often eat a lot of food high in refined sugar or salt?
* 5) Do you have difficulty identifying and processing you emotions?
* 6) Do you make time to nurture yourself and reduce your stress level in a positive way?
* 7) Are you self-aware? In other words are your aware of your feelings and your patterns of behavior?
* 8) Are you satisfied with your life right now?
* 9) Do you suspect you are an emotional eater?
* 10) Are your physical and emotional needs being fulfilled?
* 11) Did your parent’s misinterpret your emotions such as anxiety, anger, and sadness as hunger?

Score: Emotional Eating Quiz

* Give yourself two points for each of the following questions you answered yes to (1, 2, 11,) 
* Give yourself three points for each of the following questions you answered yes to. (3, 4, 5,) 
* Give yourself 2 points for each of the following you answered no to (6, 8, 10,)

Analysis: Emotional Eating Quiz

* If you got a score of a Nine or above this indicate you appear to be struggling with your emotions and may want to consider seeking counseling. 
* If you got a score of 15 or above, this indicate you seem to have a significant problem with emotional eating and should strongly consider being assessed by a professional to see if you need counseling to assist you.

Struggling with the results from the Emotional Eating Quiz? Help is available. 267-324-9564 Center for Growth / Therapy in Philadelphia. 

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