Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Philadelphia : What is a Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorders are characterized by a persistent fear of being publicly embarrassed and an intense fear of being judged by others in an unfavorable manner.  An example would be if someone were afraid to go to a party because they believe they will not be able to carry on a conversation with other people.  Then the person going to the party experiences a very high level of anxiety because they are being exposed to their fear.  Then the person may have a terrible time at the party so they avoid going to a party in the future. The Avoidant behavior is problematic and interferes with the persons occupational or social functioning.  The anxiety and avoidant behavior causes distress and is seen as problematic by the person experiencing it.  In addition, the person realizes that their level of anxiety about the social situation is excessive.  When considering a diagnosis of this disorder the clinician must rule out the possibility of Avoidant Disorder of childhood or adolescence if the person being evaluated is under age 18.

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