The Center for Growth

The Center for Growth, founded in 1997 is located in Mechanicsville VA and Philadelphia PA. We provide individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, sex therapy & support groups to people struggling with addiction, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, insecurity, trauma, shame, relationship problems, personality issues, pregnancy struggles and parenting concerns. Additionally we have a robust internship and fellowship training program.

COVID-19 Policy

Hanover, Va and Philadelphia Locations

Services Offered

Due to COVID19 all counseling sessions are virtual. Using a VideoApp we offer psychological counseling for addiction, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, shame, trauma, life changes, couples counseling, sex therapy in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The Center for Growth has grown.  We now have an office in Mechanicsville Virginia and two offices in Center City Philadelphia.  In addition, we offer video conferencing counseling services in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Initially the Center for Growth just offered  individual psychotherapy, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and sex therapy.  Since then we hired several family therapists, adolescent therapists, child therapists and group facilitators.  Today we have at least one therapist specializing in the following areas: addiction, adhd, adolescents, anger, anxiety, babyloss, bipolar, blended families, children, chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, erectile dysfunction, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning, fear, grief, infertility, infidelity, jealousy, humiliation, hurt, life transitions, low self esteem, low sex drive, mindfulness, obsessive compulsive disorder, orgasm problems, panic attacks, parenting issues, personality disorders, postpartum depression, skin picking, shame, tourettes, trauma,   In 2007 we launched our first support group.  Now we have on-going anxiety / depression support groups, grief support groups, herpes support groups, sex addiction support groups, mindfulness support groups and a group for people who are living or have lived with a narcissist.  We are a mixture of marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychotherapists, mental health counselors, and psychologists.  When you work with one of us, you are actually gaining the collective wisdom 22 therapists all working together to bring you the most advanced treatment possible.   

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NEW CLIENT SCHEDULING. You are encouraged to read each therapists bio and using our online system schedule your own appointment. You will have access to each therapists schedule book as well as their fees.   

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Our Therapists

We believe that each individual is unique and has the potential to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life. There is no one best way of living; however, there are techniques and attitudes each of us can adopt to experience more pleasure and achieve an increased level of satisfaction. We define success not by how one completes a particular task, but rather by how one keeps going after a setback. It is often only through failure that the real learning begins.

In the process of life, mistakes are inevitable. We believe that people who are motivated can learn and grow from their mistakes. It is our belief that there is no right way to go through life – only your way.

We work with clients living in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

Help is available. You don't have to do this alone.