Therapy in Philadelphia - 10 Tips for adults with ADHD

1)  Consider an organizational specialist who can come to your home.
2) Consider seeing a psychiatrist, psychopharmocologist, or neurologists who specialize in ADHD and can help evaluate you for medication.
3) Consider joining a support group for other people with ADHD
4) Consider individual counseling to help cope with the stress of this disorder.
5) Consider couples counseling so that your partner can understand how they can be helpful.
6) Be firm with yourself behaviorally, but don’t beat yourself up emotionally.
7) Read literature about ADHD.
8) Reduce clutter in your home.  Throw things out that are not essential or sentimental. It may help to ask a friend to assist you with this.
9) If you have the financial means hire a housekeeper.
10) Exercise to reduce stress
11) Remember the strengths that are common in people with ADHD (creativity,  sensitivity, good sense of humor, good intuitive skills, intelligence,)

Let us know which tips were useful - or if you have any ADHD tips of your own that you would like to share. We are always working on finding new information to share with clients. 

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