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Breathing techniques can be used to reduce stress, deal with anxiety, and increase health and well-being. Learn more about how breathing techniques can impact your mental health.

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Don’t React, Respond: How to Better Control Your Emotion

Posted by: Melvin Tillman, Melvin Tillman, MA

Have you been in a conversation or a situation where someone has said something that’s triggered you to react?  Maybe you’ve become angry, or frustrated, or sad?  And once you…

How Breathing Can Help You Defeat Anxiety

Posted by: Alex Robboy, CAS, MSW, LCSW Individual, Couples & Family Therapy IMAGO Certified Marriage Counselor AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor Founder & Director of the Center for Growth Inc.

Anxiety Therapy in Philadelphia: How breathing can help you defeat anxiety: sigh of relief - how breathing can help you defeat anxiety: Using deep breathing techniques to relieve anxiety has…