Single on Valentine’s Day : For some Valentine’s Day is full of chocolates, fancy dinners, and perpetual doting over relationships. However, for many single people Valentine’s Day is none of these things. The day itself can feel like a wave of pressure and shame for not being in a relationship. It can be a reminder of singlehood and drive people to sadness, jealousy, anger, or even celebrate an “anti-Valentine’s Day”. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by yourself this year, it may be a day for lovers, but it can also be a day for you to love yourself and do some self-care This article will take a look at things you can do on Valentine’s Day to make it a day full of love, even if you don’t have a significant other.


One of the first things you can do on Valentine’s Day is to practice love and gratitude. Often throughout the year life will throw many things at us. It can be easy to loose sight of who and what is important in your life. One can forget to practice gratitude and express love. It’s not till the moments when we are reminded of these things, such as Valentine’s Day, that we think about these things. Take time this Valentine’s Day to do things for others. Go out with your single friends to a nice dinner, buy gifts for close friends and family members, call or text people to remind them about how grateful you are for them, tell a stranger a nice compliment, volunteer, ect. When one is able to reflect on the people in their life that love and care for them, it can often fill a person with love and contentment. Being able to give back and give to others is also away not only to express love to others, but love to yourself.


In continuation of loving yourself, Valentine’s Day is a great day to do things for you!  A day of self-care may be going to your favorite coffee shop and reading a book, cuddling up and watching movies, swimming, painting, and so on. Don’t be afraid to do something extra special for yourself.  This is a great day to be decadent. If you’re not the type of person that often does self-care, take time on this day to perhaps start a routine of treating your future self well.   To start, think about things you like to do or that would make your future self feel good. Make a list of them. For example:


--Set a goal: run 1 minute further each day.


--Expand your cooking skills: Pick a cooking book and each day try using a new recipe


-- Create a movie club and ask your friends to join the first Thursday of each month.


--Start a singles dinner group: once a month invite all your single friends out to dinner. Ask friends to spread the word.


--Sign up for a class and push yourself to learn a new skill. 

--Clean and / organize your house. Your future self will feel more comfortable.


--Call your friends and schedule times to meet up with them.


--Attend a yoga class.


--Don’t put yourself second,  and do the tasks on your list of “to do’s”!


Valentine’s Day is a day in which people indulge in love and leisure. You can do the same! Maybe schedule that massage you’ve been meaning to get. Or go to the new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. If timing is a restriction then maybe a simple bubble bath or nice home cooked meal can be done. The world is your oyster on this day and taking the time to do things for you can fill the heart with warmth.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a day filled with loneliness, sadness, or constant reminders of singlehood, but it can be a day filled with love and light. Reflecting on all the different kinds of loves in your life, expressing gratitude, and doing things for yourself are all ways in which you can experience love without having to be in a romantic relationship.  Valentine’s Day is a great time to begin taking time to do self-care and treat your self.

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